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    By Bligh Voth
    Halloween is, for this lapsed guilt-ridden Catholic, a scary thing. It just is. There's the devil, and evil spirits, and ghosts, and demons. And then the next day everyone's like, "Wait, no that wasn't me dressed like the sexed-up version of the little girl from The Ring losing my mind, acting possessed in public! Not me!" 
    By years (read: minutes) of scientific testing (read: imaginative thought) it has been proven that Halloween obsession surrounding evil can only become socially acceptable if spirits are heavily involved. Here are my thoughts on which to include in your day of scary, scary-times. You kids have fun.  
    1.) If you're going traditional and seasonal, try the Pumpkin King Cordial. Made with fresh roasted Munson Farms pie pumpkins, award winning Roundhouse Gin and traditional spices this artisanal spirit should be served over ice cream with the pie of your choosing, or added to mug of hot cider! Just, don't serve it to trick-or-treaters by mistake after you've finished half the bottle yourself. This packs quite the punch! 
    2.) If you're feeling seasonally sexy (and more than likely freezing) try the Tapatio Tequilia. Maybe you're doing a retro theme with your costume this year and going as "Crazy College Cabo Vacationer You" circa 2009! Then you have to take a shot (or daintily sip) of this spicy, 100% pure agave spirit. Made by the Camarena family who've been distilling since the 1880s, this tequila makes sure you're going to have a good time. Because if you can't actually be in Cabo, you might as well drink like you are! 
    3.) If you're looking for a sippin' spirit for while you share ghost stories around the fire (please don't start a fire in NYC) try the Widow Jane Kentucky Bourbon. This rich, smooth whiskey with a nose of butter cream and toffee, cherrywood, olives, and orange will need proper time and patience to be enjoyed, unadulterated by anything but a spooky story. Heck, find a way to set your ghost tale in the REAL, and now defunct, Widow Jane mine in Ulster County NY, where the water is sourced to make this delicious Brooklyn based whiskey and add a touch of realism to your ghoulish plot! 


    Bligh Voth is an actor/blogger/aspiring wine snob, trying to graduate from boxes to Bordeaux. She has a blog she'd like you to read called "Avocados Are For Rich People" that can be found on her website


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