• House of WINES: Election Day Edition

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    By Alisha Giampola

    Were you ready for Election Day? If you're anything like me, it caught you off guard. You've been too busy eating leftover candy, warming apple cider on the stove, curating your Halloween party photos on social media, and avoiding political discussions with your family. Wait, just me? Haha- didn't think so. If your family is anything like mine, there are more conflicting political viewpoints at your dinner table than there are during an average session of congress. That's why, at this time of year, the only two-party system I'm interested in is, Red vs. White




    Andre Scherer Pinot Noir

    The Facts: Clean and drinkable, this Alsatian pinot has notes of fresh berries but also likes to shake hands and kiss babies with hints of vanilla and coffee. 

    Why it gets our vote: When faced with tough issues like ham or charcuterie; rabbit or game bird, pinot noir is a red everyone can agree on. 




    Sean Minor Cabernet Sauvignon

    The Facts: This delicious cab is as warm as Florida and has a body as big as Texas. Unexpectedly moderate tannins for such a rich, traditional wine. 

    Why it gets our vote: You need a reliable favorite to pair with all your reliable favorites: steak, burgers, or ribs. Your house won't be divided over this wine, I recommend having a couple bottles ready for when the votes have been counted





    Husch Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc

    The Facts: You have appetizers, oysters, light soups, cheese plates...we have a fresh and crisp Sauv Blanc for you to serve with all of it. Citrus notes of lemon and grapefruit reach across the aisle to stone fruits like apricot and peach: harmony ensues. 

    Why it gets our vote: Isn't it time for a delicious, sustainably farmed white on this list? Isn't it time to stop asking what you can do for your wine and instead ask what your wine can do for the environment? 





    Disznókö Tokaji Dry Sustainable

    The Facts: Another sustainable wine for your consideration, the Tokaji region of Hungary produces the delicious Furmint grape from which this wine is vinted. 

    Why it gets our vote: The lemon and apple notes bring out the flavor of white meat and fish, but don't think for a minute that running mates are indispensable; this Tokaji is perfect all by itself.  


    Alisha Giampola is a NYC-based writer/performer/teacher who really enjoys pairing wine with popcorn. You can read more of her words at . 

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