The need for refreshing rosés for summer is recognized by all wine regions, and the best of them show the distinctive characteristics of the places they come from.
  • Royal Provence, Rivarosé Brut

  • NOTES: Now THIS is a find!  Not only is this Provence’s oldest and largest producer of sparkling wine, the Rivarosé is the region’s only bubbly made using the famous Champagne method.  Made from a classic blend of Grenache and Syrah grapes harvested at nighttime in order to retain freshness, it has notable notes of small red fruit (strawberry and raspberry).  The palate is dry with a heavenly hint of grapefruit.    Perfect as an aperitif with Provençal olives or caviar on toast, or simply to sip and celebrate the sunshine!

    VARIETY: Syrah and Grenache
    REGION: Provence, France

  • $ 25.00

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