Nothing makes a better gift than a bottle of wine, except two bottles of specially hand-picked wine, or many bottles of wine in your home with friends and a friendly, knowledgeable expert to explain them!

At Pour, with your gift-giving in mind, we have devised three different ways to please the people on your listways you can use on yourself, too!



Since even your best friend’s wine preferences might be opaque to you, what better way to please her or him than a chance to pick and choose on their own? Pour gift card lets its recipient find the wine they want on their own time, with the assistance of our knowledgeable staff. Buy it in person at the store, over the phone, or on our website - click here.



The PERFECT gift for that loved-one who is a loyal Pour Customer and wants to learn more about wine…(just be sure they invite you over for dinner to taste the wine!) Set it up for three, six, nine, or twelve months - click here



Wine is the most social of beverages, best enjoyed in the company of friends. At Pour, we think you should have your wine with friends, and learn about it too! Our Sommelier For An Evening program lets you bring one of our trained and eloquent wine experts to entertain your friends, clients, or employees with delicious wine and informed commentary in the privacy of your home. Available for groups of up to twenty, includes aAll wine (each option has to be wines in the $15 - $20 price range) poured and explained by one of our trained experts, in the privacy of your home.

An elegant and sophisticated way to entertain your friends or team-build with your troops, it is easily combined with a dinner party, bridal shower, or other event. A hands-on exploration of a subject everyone loves but no one knows as much about as they would like, Sommelier for an Evening is sure to be memorable and fun! Click here to learn more