Pour's Coronavirus Spread Prevention Message

UPDATE 03/24/2020

Pour staff will take your order from our store door from now on.
That's right, WALK-UPS only!
Think of it as your special wine "Drive-Thru".
OF COURSE, we are still encouraging you to preferably opt for our FREE DELIVERY* or STORE PICKUP for the least amount of social interaction (yes, we also can't believe we are saying that...)
We will have store favorites on display in front of you and a digital menu for you to browse our wine selections and prices if necessary.
We will also bring all the wines to you according to your taste for you to see them up-close and for us to describe them to you.
The digital menu and our wines will be wiped with our special solution wipes after each use and our staff will be wearing gloves all the time.
*Deliveries are FREE from W 69th St to W 82nd St, Upper West Side, and other areas will be assisted for a fee or will be shipped as per Fedex rates.
We want you to still get the same service we've always had and we are working hard to offer that to you. Please try our ONLINE services, the deliveries are still promised on the same day you order them.
It's a new world out there and it does not have to suck.
We are keeping positive over here at Pour, we see it as a beautiful adaptation!

UPDATE 03/22/2020

Dear Pour Customers,
As of recently, the New York State Liquor Association (SLA) has announced and confirmed that wine & liquor stores are considered as "essential" business and shall remain open. Therefore, we are re-opening our doors as of today, Sunday, 3/22/2020, from noon to 9pm and resuming our regular business hours, from Mon-Sat from 11am-9:30pm.
We also continue to do deliveries for FREE to the Upper West Side area between W. 69th St and W. 82nd St and we will furthermore open our delivery coverage to a broader area according to our reinstated Delivery Policy.
Pickups have worked out greatly in these times, and they will always be available to you by the door. You can select your wines for pickup on the Pour app or website without having to meet a minimum (any amount of bottles).
Nonetheless, we are still using caution to limit the transmission of the coronavirus (COVID-19) to our beloved customers that might be too sensitive to the exposure to healthy adults who might be carrying the virus. We are continuing to impose our limit of 4 customers inside the store and we politely ask you to look inside the store before going in. We will also control such limit as much as we can by asking you to wait briefly outside. If you are visiting the store in groups, we will be asking you to send in only one person for the wine selection and purchase.
We also ask you to refrain as much as possible from social contact inside the store. Our store is a bit small so we are a bit more prone to forced social contact. Because of that, we ask you to please keep the distance recommended by Mayor De Blasio of 6 feet from each other as much as possible.
We also know our customers come to us because we can steer them into the best wine/beverage match for their needs, and we are really sorry if we were unable to provide you with such service in the time we were closed for browsing. We will now resume what we do best, which is to carefully acknowledge your needs and advise you on the best beverage for you. Unfortunately, we do still have to limit conversations that are unrelated to wine selection in order to provide service to people who may be waiting outside. We do apologize for that beforehand. We look forward to a time that this brief approach will not be necessary anymore.
Thank you for your understanding these past couple of days. You guys have been awesome! Stay healthy and safe!

UPDATE 03/20/2020

Dear Pour Customers,
There have been some developments in the news about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and we have Governor Cuomo recently mandate that all non-essential workforce stay home. Given the seriousness of the situation and in an effort to protect our staff and customers, we will start to do FREE home deliveries exclusively, from 2pm to 9pm, as of tomorrow, Saturday 3/21/2020, for an indefinite term. No customers will be allowed inside the store as of tomorrow 3/21/2020.
The deliveries are restricted to the Upper West Side only, from W. 69th St to W. 82nd St only. Our staff will leave the bag with your doorman or at your doorstep and will knock twice on the door. Unfortunately we cannot cater to more distant areas at this time. We would also like to ask you to allow us an hour for prepping and delivering your purchase, and we can only promise same day deliveries if the order is placed by 8pm . We are working hard to deliver all at the same day and we will be taking phone calls (212-501-7687) and emails at info@pourwines.com for any inquiries.
Website and app pickup orders are not encouraged but will be brought to you outside of the store by one of our staff members who will be wearing gloves to handle your bundle.
As of right now, Friday, we will be asking you to preferably transition to online purchases only. All of our inventory is being monitored to make sure it is available both on our app and the website. Deliveries will be made only to the above-mentioned restricted area. We are still restricting customers inside the store today to 4 at any given time and we ask you to cooperate with that policy. You will be asked to take your wines and lay them on our sales counter, and swipe or tap your card at checkout. While inside the store, please practice social distancing.
We do this thinking of our customers who may be exposed to healthy asymptomatic people that may be carrying the virus. We care for you and wouldn't want to be reckless in this situation.
Thank you and please stay safe!

UPDATE 03/18/2020

We would like to inform some precautions we have been taking:

  • We are operating temporarily via credit card transactions only, no cash will be accepted at the store. We do that to prevent our staff from handling cash and having to expose themselves further by doing all duties related to a store's cash maintenance, which include bank trips and further contact with public.
  • We continue to ask you to please let us skip signing for your purchases so that you do not have to handle our iPad device, as a way of protecting everyone involved.
  • We expect these payment policies to be temporary. Unfortunately, however, we cannot give any time estimate for it at this point.
  • We will go out of the store to bring you your pickup bundle if you indicate your presence outside. We absolutely understand the situation.
  • We will be restricting the amount of people inside the store to a maximum of 4 customers at any given time.
  • We do NOT plan to change our business hours for now, we will greatly appreciate though if you could place orders for pickup and delivery instead and avoid being at the store at peak hours from 4pm to 7pm as much as you can, although we will be present for checkout for any emergencies you might have.
  • We will still be open unless advised otherwise by the authorities. As you know, bad news arrive fast...we ask you to please keep checking back here for interim communications we have for you about the store.

Thank You and Stay Healthy!

Dear Pour Customers,

We have been working on how best to prepare for and prevent the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in our community. At the same time, we are also looking out for our staff and their wellbeing. Therefore, we have recently taken the following measures:
  • The store has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected (surfaces and bottles).
  • We are waiving the mandatory security step of signing iPads for credit card purchases, and we will be signing purchases with an X for now as a measure to lower your exposure and our staff’s.
  • We are lowering our delivery minimums:
––For the area between W. 70th – W. 81st, the minimum purchase now $25
––For the area between W. 59th – W. 69th  &  W. 82nd – W. 116th Street, the minimum purchase is now $50+$5 delivery fee.
––Riverside Blvd - $100 minimum before tax plus $10 delivery fee. East Side - $100 minimum before tax plus $15 delivery fee
––All areas below 59th St. or above 116th St. will be shipped Fedex with proper and safe bottle packaging, and we have also updated our shipping costs to reflect the exact latest minimum fees.
––The minimum 5% cash tip for the convenience of having our personnel deliver your wine to your front door is still in effect.
––You may use the code 20OFFWINE on first purchases on the Pour app for 20% off (valid for up to $10 discount) and code DRIZLYRETAILER on the Drizly app for 5% off an order. Not to be combined with other offers.
  • As usual, our “one stamp per bottle” loyalty program will still apply to customers purchasing via phone order, deliveries and shipment. Every 12 stamps award you with a $15 discount on your next purchase. If you are not yet registered in our loyalty program, all you have to do is give your full name with your order. The stamps are still only counted if bottles are purchased outside of our regularly-run promotions.
We will continue looking for any other necessary adjustments and implement them as needed. We would like to thank you for your continued business and presence in our store despite these difficult times, and we hope you stay safe and healthy. We will get through this together.
Best Regards,