• Alto Los Romeros Pinot Noir

  • Good wine is like good music: any fool can play a tune, any fool can ferment grape juice. Good music goes down when you swing the beat. The vinous equivalent is funk: in this Pinot Noir an earthy sense of savory turbulence beneath its palate of red cherry and raspberry fruit, for instance. Of itself untamed, what the French call sauvage, in context it plays beautiful harmonies, pushing the fruit into greater complexity, linking flavors with food. Play it with a rabbit ragout, seared mango-ginger tuna steak, or ripe eggplant-lentil-pomegranate stew.

    SIZE: 750ML
    VARIETY: Pinot Noir
    REGION: Valle Central, Chile
    VINTAGE: 2013

  • $ 15.00

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