• Barrell Bourbon

  • This bourbon is like filling your tumbler from the distiller’s cask. Between the barrel and the bottle, there is no filtration, no blending, and no dilution. The whiskey’s personality, unique to each cask, is intact – as well as its proof (check it out!). Distilled by a master, aged for five years in oak, and bottled just as God made it, this is a dark amber spirit with a fine body, a nose of vanilla in the pod, dark cherries, and caramel, a thick mouthfeel (no filtration), flavors of cinnamon, vanilla, apples, nutmeg, and brown sugar, and a spicy kick on the finish, from its high rye content. It is our resident Kentuckian Jody Cook’s favorite bourbon, and also got 94 points at the 2014 Ultimate Spirits Challenge.


    SIZE: 750ML

  • $ 97.00

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