• Bebame Red ORGANIC

  • Whoever said that New World wine
    needs to be richer, riper, and higher in
    alcohol certainly never tried this wine!
    Founded by a man who loves Loire
    Valley reds, Beaujolais, and Lewis
    Carrol, Bebame was born! Natural and
    rustic on the nose with red fruit, green
    pepper, and earth; the palate on this
    wine is juicy and enjoyable. Minimal
    tannins and no oak keep this wine light,
    bright, and fresh—and the perfect
    partner for portobello mushrooms,
    green olives, asparagus, and herbs like
    rosemary and mint.

    Variety: 95% Cabernet Franc, 5% Gamay

    Region: Sierra Foothills, California, USA

    Vintage: 2014

  • $ 20.00

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