• Bouzereau-Gruère et Filles Santenay ORGANIC

  • Founded in 1970 by 7th generation
    winemaker Hubert Bouzereau, and
    managed today by his two daughters,
    the Bouzereau-Gruère Estate offers an
    elegant and fine feminine finesse for
    this style of Santenay. Located in the
    southern end of the Cotes de Beaune,
    the vines age 50-55 years old, yet the
    fruit is fresh and radiant. Cheerful
    cherry and plum with some subtle spice
    offer a palate of lively juice, elegant
    earth, and exceptional flavor. Delicious
    with any feast or holiday
    meal—especially if turkey and
    cranberries are involved!

    VARIETY: Pinot Noir
    REGION: Santenay, Burgundy, France
    VINTAGE: 2015

  • $ 50.00

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