• Chateau de Montgueret Rosé de Anjou

  • Right here in this very bottle is everything you come to rosé for.  The fresh, pretty nose of red cherry and watermelon brings to mind a riverside picnic, the light pink the blush of someone there who caught your eye. The mouth is fine and refreshing, like biting into a crisp red apple with ruby grapefruit and melon inside; the layers of light tannin and bracing acidity slide by like the easy talk all afternoon, and the bite of cherry pepper finish – that’s the first kiss!  Have it with your honey, or pair it with cold fruit soup or red snapper and lemon.


    Variety: 70% Cabernet France, 30% Grolleau 

    Loire Valley, France 

    Vintage: 2019 

  • $ 18.00

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