• Chateau Tassin Bordeaux Rosé

  • It’s just grapes, isn’t it?  But that’s hard to believe, because there’s so much else there!  And in this little rosé, too – even unserious wines have a lot going on. In this box, you’d swear there was some grapefruit, for instance, both white and pink, some passionfruit, maybe, red cherries, strawberries, even tangerine – how does one fruit taste like so many other fruits together?  That’s a question to ponder as the box gets lighter, and if this one doesn’t give the answer, open another! A fruit and cheese board will help, as will a nice lobster salad or a day in the Park.

    SIZE: 3 Liters

    VARIETY: 80% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon

    REGION: Bordeaux, France

    VINTAGE: 2013

  • $ 52.00

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