• Corvezzo Colfondo Prosecco BIODYNAMIC

  • NOTES:    For years, Prosecco has been made using the Charmat                       method (that’s when the bubbles are made in a large tank                   and then transferred (without the sediment) to the bottle).                     Before that though, was the “From the Bottom”—or Col                       Fondo—method.  Here, the bubbles were made in the                         bottle and the sediment was left inside making the wine                       cloudy in color, offering super citrus and lemon mixed with                   earth on the nose, and very, VERY dry on the palate!                             Enjoy this with fresh salads or on the rocks! It’s a great                         mixer!

    VARIETY:  Glera
    REGION:  Terre di Marca, Veneto, Italy

  • $ 18.00

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