• Delahaie Rose Champagne

  • Not all champagnes are created equally.  Jacques Brochet has understood this from a very young age in his native Epernay, France, the most famous of the Champagne districts.  Since 1959, after purchasing his vineyard from his parents, he has kept the family owned Champagne house ever expanding.  In 1990, he expanded by purchasing the Champagne house of Delahaie from his uncle, George Delahaie.  The nose of this Rose Champagne shows fresh aromas of wild strawberries along with ample notes of cherries.  It is blended with 1er Cru Pinot Noir and aged for almost 3 years.  Pour this in your flute and you will immediately see the very fine bubbles and persistent foam of a brilliantly made Champagne.

    VARIETY: 80% Pinot Noir & 20% Pinot Meunier

    REGION: Epernay, France


  • $ 55.00

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