• Domaine Carroir-Perrin Sancerre

  • In the small commune of Verdigny, the
    father-son team of Pierre and Bertrand
    Riffault still work the same vineyards
    their grandparents and great-
    grandparents planted in Sancerre.
    Here, the calcareous clay known locally
    as caillottes is indeed rocky—stressing
    the vines in such a way as to produce a
    rich, ripe grape, completely indicative
    of the region. With an elegantly fresh
    nose of lemon and white flowers, its
    palate is light and lovely with excellent
    minerality and a crisp, dry finish. Enjoy
    this on its own or with roast chicken,
    grilled trout, or salt and pepper tofu!

    VARIETY: Sauvignon Blanc
    REGION: Sancerre, Loire Valley, France
    VINTAGE: 2018

  • $ 29.00

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