• Domaine de Terra Vecchia

  • Notes: Corsica is an island of beauty!  The birthplace of Napoleon, it’s in the middle of the Mediterranean and mixes everything that’s marvelous about Italy and France—and Terra Vecchia does just that!  By blending French and Italian varietals, this is a wine that is splendid and unique.  From its deep, enticing bouquet of strawberry and cherry, to a robust palate of stainless-steel juiciness and earth, this wine is delicious—and sure to add an element of exoticism to any evening!  Enjoy with grilled meats or salads with cheese!

    Variety: 70% Nelluciu (Sangiovese), 30% Merlot

    Region: Ile de Beauté, Corsica, France

    Vintage: 2014

  • $ 23.00

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