• Domaine du Guéret Beaujolais

  • Beaujolais has been called the only white wine that happens to be red.  Indeed, the grape’s full name is “gamay noir à jus blanc” (black gamay with white juice).  Light and fresh and fruity, the Guéret is everything you want from a fine Beaujolais—and then some.  A rush of sweet black cherry and black raspberry with hints of peach, violets, roses, and a finish of peppery spice; this wine is sure to delight and please.  Enjoy with country-style pork sausages, frisée salad with bacon and croutons, or a winey coq au vin.

    VARIETY: Gamay Noir
    REGION: Beaujolais, France
    VINTAGE: 2016

  • $ 18.00

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