• Gaintza Txakolina SUSTAINABLE

  • Txakolina (chah-koh-LEE-na) is a light, somewhat effervescent wine unique to the Basque region of northern Spain.  Its light body, high level of dryness, and low alcohol make it a favorite of people everywhere!  The nose is fresh and fragrant with lemony-lime lightness, followed by a peppy palate with excellent acidity.  Pour it from a height to help activate the bubbles!  Great as an afternoon aperitif and perfect for a picnic of pinchos!

    Variety:85% Hondarrabi Zuri, 10% Gros Manseng, 5% Hondarrabi Beltz

    Region: Getaria, Basque, Spain

    Vintage: 2018

  • $ 24.00

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