• Hudson Rock Chardonnay SUSTAINABLE

  • NOTES:    California Chardonnay is totally a thing.
                     It’s a style that has become a bench-
                     mark for the grape the world over, and
                     Hudson Rock Winery proves what the
                     fuss is all about! Classic on the nose
                     with savory salinity, lemon, and a touch
                     of oak, this wine was aged in 75-year-
                     old sequoia barrels making it softer and
                     oh, sooo Californian. It’s delicious on
                     the palate with a great balance of mild
                     acidity, fresh juice, and earthy, buttery
                     chardonnay flavor. Enjoy it as an
                     aperitif, salads with goat cheese, or
                     grilled tilapia.

    VARIETY:  Chardonnay
    REGION:  California, USA
    VINTAGE: 2016

  • $ 18.00

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