• Louise Dubois Chablis

  • Known for its Kimmeridgian soil of limestone and clay, Chablis lies at the northern most end of Burgundy.  Being so close to Paris, it’s also the very popular house wine for so many of those classic bistros along the Seine and Champs-Elysées.  Light on the nose with bright citrus and easy melon, this wine is crisp and dry with juicy apple, no oak, and very good acidity on the palate.  It’s a great option for an evening aperitif, or to go along with goat cheese, ham, shellfish, or the French-accordion station on Pandora!

    VARIETY:  Chardonnay
    REGION:   Chablis, Burgundy, France
    VINTAGE:  2015

  • $ 25.00

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