• Meyer's French Whisky

  • A Whisky made in Alsace, France? That may seem like a strange idea… but brewers and distillers have worked side by side in Alsace for generations. It's the marriage of these two professions that gave birth to Meyer’s Alsace Whisky.  

    Meyer's is a mash of wheat and malted barley aged for a minimum of 7 years in former Sauternes' casks from Bordeaux's top estates.  The phase of malting the barley is entrusted to "La Malterie du Château" in Belgium (one of the oldest malteries in the world), and then the mash is brewed at the Alsatian brewer "Brasserie Saverne", which practices this same technique for beer.  (Fun fact!)  The distillation process is typical of the Highland scotch whiskeys--double distillation in copper stills--back at Meyer's (which, by the way, is the most awarded distillery in France).

    The result?  A palate that's seamless and supple, just as inviting as the effusive aromas, which include apricot, orange blossom honey, kumquat, vanilla custard, white pepper, roasted almond, and a thread of smoke.

    SIZE:  750 ML


  • $ 50.00

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