• Michael Pozzan “Annabella” Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Annabella is Michael Pozzan’s grandmother, but he also has in mind the Latin root amabilis, meaning friendly. If you’ve ever had a Napa Cab which seemed bent on besting you in a test of strength, you’ll appreciate his thinking. It’s all varietally correct, as the wine snobs say, black currant, blackberry, and black cherry fruit, a little chocolate and cocoa, fine-grained tannins, but the whole thing is just so easy. Moderate alcohol, in-control tannin, balanced fruit make this a pleaser of both crowds and snobs. Pair it with grilled lamb chops, spareribs, or hearty barbecue.

    SIZE: 750ML

    VARIETY: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon
    REGION: Napa Valley, California
    VINTAGE: 2011

  • $ 23.00

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