• O’Dwyer’s Creek Sauvignon Blanc

  • Located at the northern tip of the southern island of New Zealand, Marlborough has only been making wines for about forty years and is by far the largest wine-growing region in the country.  O’dwyer’s clean nose gives beautiful scents of lemon and grass mixed with a hint of gooseberry.  It’s refreshing and delicious with strong acidity on the palate makes it a fantastic wine to pair with foods like stuffed matzo-ball soup, Moroccan white-fish, and couscous with almonds and currants.  If you like “Rain” (our other NZ Sauvignon Blanc), you’ll LOVE O’dwyer’s!

    SIZE: 750 ML

    VARIETY: Sauvignon Blanc

    REGION: Marlborough, New Zealand

    VINTAGE: 2016

  • $ 23.00

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