• Pace Roero Arneis SUSTAINABLE

  • Northwest of Alba, across the river
    from Barolo, one of Italy’s oldest, finest,
    and perhaps most overlooked white
    grape is grown: Arneis! Located in a
    UNESCO World Heritage Zone for
    wine, Cascina Pace is uniquely
    situated to produce an exquisite
    example of this wine. Pretty with
    perfume of peach and chamomile, this
    Arneis is everything you want in a
    deliciously food-friendly white. All
    stainless-steel fermented and aged,
    this wine is the classic companion for a
    carbonara, seafood starters, and
    creamy cheeses.

    Variety: Arneis 

    Region: Roero, Piedmont, Italy

    Vintage: 2015 

  • $ 21.00

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