• Pace Rosanebbia Nebbiolo Rosé

  • The grapes that make this wine absorb the Italian sun all day, dreaming above the fog (nebbio) at the foot of the mountains.  The noon heat gives Barolo its intensity, but Rosanebbia is more like the gentle dawn. Its pink is that of rosy-fingered Aurora, its chill is as refreshing as an early-morning walk.  Its red cherry, strawberry, and peach emerge subtly from the lush mouthfeel like light into day.  The muscle of Nebbiolo relaxes into a wine of repose and friendship, perfect for hearty appetizers, salumi and cheeses, or your best braised salmon.


    SIZE: 750ML

    VARIETY: Nebbiolo

    REGION: Piemonte, Italy

    VINTAGE: 2017

  • $ 16.00 $ 20.00

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