• Paul D. Gruner Vetliner

  • The only thing better than a delicious wine in a 750ml size bottle is a delicious wine in a liter size bottle! Winemaker Paul Direder is a prodigy, an expert in his field since the ripe young age of 20!! His masterful skills are evident in this addictive Grüner, chock-full of spiced Asian pears, fresh grated ginger, and just-sliced yellow apples. The perfect size to take to a party or on a picnic with friends, it is great for sharing over a meal of spicy roasted almonds, stinky cheeses, sausages, grilled asparagus, and sushi with a healthy dollop of wasabi!

    SIZE: 1 Liter

    VARIETY: Grüner Veltliner

    REGION: Wagram, Austria

    VINTAGE: 2013

  • $ 17.00

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