• Peter Wiegner Treterre Etne Rosso BIODYNAMIC

  • Generating the most excitement in Italian wine is Mt. Etna.  Home to an active volcano (remember it erupting in 2012!?), the black lava soil and steep slopes are excellent for all sorts of grapes.  Etna reds are not for the faint of heart, and nerrello mascalese is the dominant grape here.  Deep with dark fruit, notes of charred tobacco and hints of oak, the nose is sumptuous—as is the palate with its strong body, heroic tannins, and earth.  This is definitely a food wine!  Sensational with Sicilian lamb or a grilled steak with mushrooms.

    VARIETY: Nerello Masaclese
    REGION: Mt. Etna, Sicily, Italy
    VINTAGE: 2014

  • $ 30.00

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