• Piccoli Estate Amarone, “Monte la Parte” SUSTAINABLE

  • Very ripe grapes dried for months on bamboo mats become extremely concentrated (and raisinated) and make an opulent, full-bodied wine.  (No wonder its name means the big, bitter one!)  Founded in 2000 by two sister winemakers, the Piccoli Estate is small but thriving.  Beautiful aromas of ripe cherry, raspberry, and mint mix with sumptuous spice notes of oak, licorice, and tobacco making this wine ideal with a roast or cheese (especially Parmigiano-Reggiano and walnuts)!

    VARIETY: 40% Corvina, 30% Rondinella, 25% Corvinone, & 5% other local varietals.
    REGION: Amarone della Valpolicella, Veneto, Italy
    VINTAGE: 2010

  • $ 50.00

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