• Podere Monestero Campanaio Super Tuscan SUSTAINABLE

  • NOTES:     “Super Tuscan” is a term coined in the 1970’s by famed                       wine-writer Hugh Johnson.  Impressed by producers                           growing international varieties outside of the usual                               DOCG rules and making wine that far outshined the                             simple distinction of “Toscana,” He created a name that                       pays homage to the depth, complexity, and power of                           these wines. Indeed, they are SUPER! Rich with dark red                     fruit, French cloves, and a hint of vanilla, this wine is big                       and beautiful on the palate with a touch of tobacco and                       a long finish.

    VARIETY:    50% Cabernet Sauvignon 
                       50% Merlot
    REGION:    Toscana IGT, Italy
    VINTAGE:   2016

  • $ 75.00

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