• Régis Jouan, Sancerre SUSTAINABLE

  • Sauvignon Blanc in its quintessential form comes from Sancerre.  300 miles inland from the Atlantic, Sancerre enjoys a continental climate, and the chalky limestone and flint hills provide the nutrients that make this wine so special—the world’s model for crisp, focused, sauvignon blanc.  Sophisticated and stylish, the Jouan has all of the classic lemon, citrus, and star-fruit notes we expect and love—as well as a heavenly hint of flowers.  And with a racy, white grapefruit palate, and tart, dry lemon on the finish, it’s some of the best white wine matches for food, too!  Enjoy!

    VARIETY: Sauvignon Blanc
    REGION: Sancerre, Loire Valley, France
    VINTAGE: 2017

  • $ 27.00

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