• Rodaro Friulano

  • Friulano is to Friulli like what Sauvignon Blanc is to the Loire.  Famous for a variety of white wines, Friulli is the home of the Friulano grape—and it is what has made Friulli famous.  Spicy, lightly floral, and stunningly complex, the Rodaro was fermented and aged in all stainless steel and is clean, dry, and crisp.  The finish is fabulous—and leaves you wanting another sip!  Great with shrimp, scallops, or cured meats, it’s also a good candidate for those “tricky pairings” like asparagus and artichokes!

    Variety: Friulano

    Region: Colli Orientali, Friulli, Italy

    Vintage: 2015

  • $ 20.00

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