• Rosa del Golfo Rosato

  • Celebrating 50 years of winemaking, “Rosa del Golfo” is particularly known for and proud of their rosé.  (As if the name didn’t gave that away…)  Located in Salento, deep in the heeltap of the boot-heel of Italy; this is one of the most exciting areas for winemaking in Puglia.  Surrounded by the sea, there is a distinctive saline finish that adds excellent character to this particularly dry rosé.  Intense with rich fragrances of rose petals, berries, and some Mediterranean herbs, this is the perfect accompaniment to grilled fish, white meat, or a vegetable soup. 

    SIZE: 750 ML

    VARIETY: 90% Negroamaro, 10% Malvasia Nera

    REGION: Salento, Puglia, Italy

    VINTAGE: 2014

  • $ 15.00

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