• Vera Vinho Verde Rosé

  • This is a fizzy lifter!  Vinho Verdes flaunt a touch of sparkle that makes them among the cheeriest wines in existence. But for a green wine, this is surely dark.  That’s because Vinhao is a teinturier, a grape with dark flesh. Despite the color, the wine is light and zippy, with dried cherries, cranberries, and even a touch of pomegranate that make this a good pair with chicken pilaf, gazpacho, or the Park on a warm afternoon.  Vera’s white Vinho Verde has been a great favorite at Pour, and their rosé is sure to follow suit!


    SIZE: 750ML

    VARIETY: 60% Vinhão, 40% Rabo-de-Anho

    REGION: Vinho Verde, Portugal

    VINTAGE: 2015

  • $ 16.00

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